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Defend the public's safety of drinking water

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Core prompt:Defend the public& 39;s safety of drinking waterInordertodefendthepublic& 39;ssafetyofdrinkingwater,protectthesourceofpurewa
Defend the public's safety of drinking water

In order to defend the public's safety of drinking water,protect the source of pure water, ensure the sustainable development of water quality ,at the 2rd “Nice water. China” Appreciate Water Contest,High-end bottled water enterprises like Tibet glacier mineral water co., LTD; Pamir spring co., LTD; Qinghai Junenghuoliyuan beverage co., LTD;Qomolangma Glacier and Kunlun mountain mineral water co., LTD get together to express their determination of protecting the rare water sources like high altitude zero-pollution snow mountain glaciers and issued a declaration of glacier water conservation and signed it seriously.

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