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The 2019 High-end Drinking Water Industry Development Forum

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Core prompt:The 2019 High-end Drinking Water Industry Development Forum successfully

Water is not only the source of life, but also the rich resources bestowed by nature. Nowadays, with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, healthy drinking water and safe water have become a topic of increasing concern. Drinking water industry needs to break through the status quo and establish a new marketing model in order to provide a good choice for families.

The rise of high-end drinking water industry is the trend of industry development and has broad market prospects. However, the high-end drinking water market is at a significant disadvantage compared with the Fast-consuming bottled water market. The overall market capacity is less than 10% of the Fast-consuming drinking water market. Under the new situation, with the rapid development of big health industry, how to promote the rapid development of high-end drinking water market, how to solve the problems of logistics and market promotion in the industry, and how to treat the development status of subdivisional industries such as bagged water and hydrogen-rich water. In order to disseminate industry information, share successful experience, and promote exchanges and cooperation in healthy drinking water industry. China National Health Association Health Drinking Water Professional Committee gathers years of experience in serving the high-end water market, invites senior experts and elites from the industry to analyze the development trend of the industry and explore the market development direction. On April 18, 2019, China International Exhibition Center Hall 1A held a grand ceremony entitled " the 2019 High-end Drinking Water Industry Development". "Exhibition Forum" invited domestic water experts to make speeches, exchange, learn together, and seek a breakthrough path for the development of high-end water industry.



Analysis on the Development Trend of Packaged Drinking Water

Ma Jinya, Deputy Secretary-General and standing deputy director of the Health Drinking Water Professional Committee of the Chinese National Health Association/the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese National Health Association, made progress in the following major trends: consumption upgrading trend, market segmentation trend, category development trend, packaging form trend, water resources trend, scientific and technological innovation trend, academic research trend, etc. It has been elaborated in depth.



Summary of Water Environment and Water Quality in China and the Relationship between Water and Health


Xiao Feng, Center for Eco-environmental Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained that water pollution and lack of freshwater resources caused 80% of the world's diseases by the use of polluted water. Every year, 25 million children in the world die of sickness by using polluted water. Heavy metals, chlorine molecules and nitrites in water, as well as microorganisms such as the two insects. Cancer: nitrite compounds, trichloromethane, radioactive particles. Hepatopathy: toxic organic substances, heavy metals, etc. contained in industrial wastewater and pesticides. Stone: Groundwater with high hardness. Dementia: metal aluminum, etc. Skeletal disease: heavy metal cadmium. Cardiovascular disease: high content of inorganic salts. Endocrine disorders: toxic organic compounds, high content of inorganic salts, heavy metals, etc. Hematopoietic diseases: Heavy metal water, let people deeply feel the importance of the relationship between water and health.



Analysis of Bagged Water Market Positioning and Operation Mode


Zhao Zhixia, chairman of Yiwu Holdings, expounded the development trend of bagged water as a future drinking water industry from the perspective of market positioning. The initial goal is to replace barreled water. According to the current market demand for barreled water, the annual demand of bagged water is estimated to reach 2 billion bags, with market space exceeding 100 billion. From the four operation modes of water source, high-tech, shared water machine and housekeeper, let every family really drink healthy water!


Report on Achievements of Popularizing Mineral Water Physical Therapy for Chronic Diseases in Jianshui Branch

Dr. Wu Yongtian, Vice President of Guangxi Bottled Water Industry Association: As one of the nutrients, water is closely related to our life.

Through empirical research and according to him, scientific drinking water plays a positive role in the prevention and control of hypertension, diabetes and chronic diseases. With this as the opportunity to organize and actively promote the scientific publicity of drinking water, effectively help the government put forward the medium and long-term plan for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and improve the physical quality of our country's citizens.



Effect of Water Source and Hydrogen Production Technology on High Quality Hydrogen-rich Water


The concept of hydrogen-rich water (hydrogen-rich water) originated in Japan, with a market size of 20 billion yen in 2013. The concept of "hydrogen health" has rapidly gained popularity among people who desire to live a long and healthy life and stay away from diseases. Various hydrogen-rich water, as the fruits of hydrogen molecular biomedicine research, began to sell well in Japan. A large number of basic medical and clinical studies have proved that malignant free radicals are one of the important factors in the pathogenesis of almost all diseases (including sub-health and aging). Hydrogen can selectively neutralize malignant free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions, and then safely exclude them in vitro in the form of water. It is no exaggeration to say that hydrogen will play a variety of important roles in the prevention, health care and treatment of human diseases.


Introduction of Investment Environment of Qiandaohu Aquatic Industry

Qindao Lake is known as "the best water in the world". Its water quality keeps the first class of water in the country all the year round. It can be directly drunk without any treatment. In 2015, Qiandao Lake was successfully selected as the first batch of "China's good water" water sources. Qianmu Mountain's natural drinking water is taken from Dashu Town, a national ecological town above Qiandao Lake, in the Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon. Its water seeps out from natural granite rocks, and its sodium content and total solid soluble matter are very low, so it is rare for high-quality drinking water. In the aspect of eco-industry, we should focus on the development of aquaculture-based eco-industry. Qiandao Lake is the birthplace of "the farmer spring is a little sweet". Over the years, it has been committed to building the "10 billion water industry base" of Qiandao Lake



Technology and Product Quality Management in Drinking Water Production

Chen Hongcai, a potable water engineer, joins us in discussing some problems and corresponding solutions in the actual production process of water enterprises. This paper systematically introduces the whole process of production technology and quality management: the performance of equipment directly affects the quality of products, quality management, the relationship between production process management and product quality improvement, the inevitable relationship between enterprise culture and product quality, the improvement of production technology, and the means of quality control. Include and share, provide healthy drinking water to the whole people, achieve enterprise efficiency and increase revenue.


Disposable Packaged Water and New Community Retail

Wang Peigao, the founder of Shanshui Group, aimed at the combination of disposable packaging water and community vending machines, broke the traditional water door service. The emergence of disposable small packaging water gave customers more choices, lightweight volume, direct access to water sources, and broke the chaotic situation of barreled water.


The 2019 High-end Drinking Water Industry Development Forum has successfully being concluded in Beijing. Through the excellent speeches of authoritative experts, professors and entrepreneurs, we can exchange and learn together to seek a breakthrough path for the development of high-end water industry, seek better business opportunities for cooperation with each other, and jointly build the first platform for information exchange in the drinking water industry. On August 28-30, the 13th China International High-end Water Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.



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