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Water’s Role In Your Body

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Core prompt:Water helps nearly every part of the human body function efficiently
Water helps nearly every part of the human body function efficiently. Considering that our bodies are almost two-thirds water, it’s important to understand water's role in a healthy lifestyle. Here are just some of the things water does in your body:

  • Your brain is 75% water.
  • Bones are 22% water.
  • Muscles are 75% water.
  • Your blood is 92% water.
  • Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body.
  • Water is required for breathing.
  • Water moistens oxygen for breathing.
  • Water regulates your body temperature.
  • Water protects and cushions vital organs.
  • Water cushions joints.
  • Water helps to convert food into energy.
  • Water helps your body absorb nutrients.
  • Water removes waste.
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