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Ministry of Commerce

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Core prompt:Ministry of Commerce Our exhibition has been approved by Ministry of Commerce The approved documents has been
Ministry of Commerce

       Our exhibition has been approved by Ministry of Commerce. The approved documents has been delivered to our company this Monday. It is also transferred to many governtal offices, including embassies, CCPIT, China customs. It will be very convenient for the exhibitors and visitors to participate our exhibition.
Under the support of central government, venues are located in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, the exhibition will attract more exhibitiors,visitors.
      According to the statistics, China will be the biggest health products consumption market in the following years. It is estimated that China market will surpass Japan and US, EU markets in 5 years. It is obviously that Health Industry Expo will be more and more influential. It will be the most important platform for foreign companies to develop China market.
       In fact, with the prosperity of economy and change of Chinese lifestyle,  health industry boomed already in the past 5 years. The whole industry grew 16.5% yearly. Many experts estimate it will accelerate in the future 5 years. The whole industry scale has reached up to 600 billion USD already. With the establishment of medical social system, it will measure up to 1,000 billion USD.
Undoubtedly, our exhibition will help foreign exhibitors grasp the buisness opportunity!
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