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Core prompt:In recent, most of companies have finished their yearly plan for exhibition already So many booths are reserved
In recent, most of companies have finished their yearly plan  for exhibition already. So many booths are reserved everyday!  

WIth the booming of China economy, Chinese government have invested more than 15  billion USD on health field last year. The central government expresses they will focus on this issue. Premior Wen Jiabao has said the central government will increase the investments every year. He hoped the whole country can invest 30 billion USD at least by the end of  2012.  The whole country has established social security system. More than 800 million rural habitants has benifited from the  medical service system which is supported by the government. They don't need pay much on medicare anymore.  These habitants' idea is changed too.  They would like to expend more money on their healthcare instead of medicare. It is impossible for them to think like that  in the past.   
Because of this, so we can imagine how China healthcare market is attractive for most of foreign companies! That's why so many Taiwan companies would like to participate the expo.
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