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KRYSTAL® Water was chosen as the official bottled water

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Core prompt:KRYSTAL® Water was chosen as the official bottled water of the Expo
Shortly after the High-end Bottled Water Exhibition in Shanghai a week ago, KRYSTAL® Nature’s Alkaline Water is showcased at an expo again.

Held in the capital of China, the SBW INT'L High-end Bottled Drinking Water Expo 2014 attracted more than 200 international high-end bottled water brands and 16,000 professional exhibitors from 8th to 10th April, 2014. The expo took place at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, one of biggest exhibition and convention centers in Asia.

Exciting enough, they had Dr. Michael Masha, a globally well-known water sommelier visiting the booth last week at China Bottled Water Expo Shanghai. This week, we were thrilled and honored to have the hero of Beijing Mr. Stephon Marbury who's currently playing at the Chinese Basketball Association and granted an honorable citizenship of Beijing visiting and showed great interest in KRYSTAL®. Mr. Marbury was attracted by the unique design of the bottle and the health impacts of consuming KRYSTAL water.

KRYSTAL® Water was chosen as the official bottled water of the Expo, KRYSTAL® greeted the visitors with its exquisitely designed bottle, followed by its distinctive rich and smooth taste. Visitors who came to the booth showed great interest in pH level of 8 – 8.8, as well as KRYSTAL®’s unprecedented mineral and trace element composition.


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