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“Nice Water China• Appreciate Water” Contest

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Core prompt:“Nice Water China• Appreciate Water” Contest

In order to expand Chinese tea culture and water culture, promote exchanges and cooperation of tea and water industry, spread healthy concept of drinking water, China international high-end water industry expo organizing committee, together with National Health Drinking Water Hygiene Association Professional Committee of China, the domestic tea industry association, the Still Water Authority International Public Relations Consulting co., LTD., and well-known tea experts will work together for the “Nice Water China, Appreciate Water” Contest.

The “Nice Water China·Appreciate Water” competition activity adopts voluntary registration, the way of the blind rating, with the principle of notarization, fairness and openness. By hosting the competition and the final, the best "Tea Accompany" of the six kinds of teas will be selected by judges among the best natural drinking water across the country.What’ more, we will invite experts and leaders in the field of both drinking water industry and tea industry to discuss around the topic of "which water you like and which tea you like" , together witness the concept of "water is the mother of tea, good water makes good tea".


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