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Hydrogen and Health Industry Development Forum

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Core prompt: Hydrogen and Health Industry Development Forum

The 10th International High-end Water Expo and the 2nd session of Hydrogen and the Health Industry Development Forum were held in 8B hall of China International Exhibition Center with the support of experts and professors in hydrogen and medical health industry and hydrogen industry branch members of the national association for the management of health industry on April 17th in 2017. In this forum,we invited Qin Shucun in mount tai medical director of the institute of medicine sclerosis of arterial congee, Ma xuemei ,vice President of the college of life science and bio-engineering of Beijing university of technology, Jin Yunpei in Guo-zhong Han North Korea University and other authoritative experts, trying to arouse people's emphasis on hydrogen health industry, and promote the development of domestic hydrogen health industry.

2017 SBW▪ 10th International High-end Water Industry (Shanghai) exhibition, will be held in Shanghai international exhibition center during Aug 30th - Sep 1st, again we will invite domestic and foreign medical experts, professors, hydrogen water experts, and entrepreneurs in the industry of hydrogen, hydrogen product enthusiasts and healthy products dealers ,to share a new chapter of hydrogen development of medical health industry, to have a sustainable development of hydrogen industry, and to cheer up for our healthy life!


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