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High-end water Expo Award Event

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Core prompt:High-end water Expo Award Event

In order to encourage enterprise Science & Technology Innovation, establish domestic high-end water brand, promote water industry healthy development, China High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo Organizer choose a batch of manage sincerely, Technology advanced, High quality water compnaies and products, and issue honour award during expo.

There are the following award of expo:

◆The Gold award of high-end water expo  

◆The award of high-quality drinking water brand

◆The award of high-end water Science & Technology Innovation

◆The award of packing design innovation of high-end water

◆The award of image showing of the best company 2017


We offer the following free services for exhibitors:

1. Freely publish your product information on official Wechat, Microblog and cooperation media.

2. Opportunities to find professional manufacturer, agent and distributer etc.

3. Opportunities to attend 2017 “Nice water China,Appreciate Water” Contest.

4. Opportunities to attend “Science and Techniology Innovation” “Recommend Brand ” “High quality water source” items.

5. Opportunities to attend “New products media release meeting and Water source attractive investment meeting and so on”  (Please contact orgainzer for details)

 6. Opportunities to join in “China Nation Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Commission ” “China High-end Drinking Water League”.

 7. Opportunities to consult water experts, products checking, Media publicity and other services.

 8. Opportunities to become the assigned drinking water sponsor of  2017 the 21th China International Health Industry Exposition.

 9 . Opportunities to be interviewed by CCTV4,CCTV7, Hongkong TV, Xinhua website, Food Business Website and other medias.


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