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Bottled Drinking Water Association of GUANGDONG
Bottled Drinking Water Association of GUANGXI
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    SBW EXPO is an exhibition of choice for exporters and importers of bottled water. More International and national bottled water brands than any food exhibition in China.Visitors are decision makers and buyers from China's Importers and distributors 45%,hospitality sector 35%,retailers 15% and others 5%;16,303 visitor attended SBW EXPO 2014,52% from Beijing; 35% from other regions of China and 13% from overseas.
    Began in 2010, SBW EXPO has been successfully held for 6 times.Its international, professional and commercial. Focusing on both Chinese and abroad markets, and aiming to promote import, export and domestic trade, it is increasingly expand. Now it has become the largest bottled water fair in Asia and the first choice for worldwide bottled water manufactures who intend to have a share of Chinese market or Asian market or overseas market. It is a platform of trade and cooperation not to be missed. 【More】

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