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Activities 4:Development Forum of High-end Health Drinking Water Industry

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Core prompt:Since it was founded since 2010,Shibowei High-end Drinking Water Expo has not only got the great support of local
The rise of high-end drinking water industry is the trend of industry development and has broad market prospects. However,Compared with the fast-disappearing bottled water market,high-end drinking water market is at a obvious disadvantage and its total market capacity is less than 10% of the fast-consuming drinking water market.Under the new situation, the big health industry is developing rapidly. For how to promote the rapid development of high-end drinking water market、solve the problems of logistics and market promotion in the industry, analyzing and summarizing the development status of bagged water and hydrogen-rich water、spreading industry forefront、sharing successful experiences、promoting exchange and cooperation in healthy drinking water industry, China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee will invite industry senior experts and elites to jointly analyze the development trend of the industry and explore the direction of market development with years of experience in the high-end drinking water industry.Meanwhile, the association held ‘High-end Drinking Water Industry Development Forum’ together with the organizer of the 12th China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo.We sincerely invite members’ representatives、exhibitors’ representatives and people who support the development of drinking water industry to participate in the conference and learn together to seek a breakthrough for the development of high-end water industry.

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