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Scale of exhibits

Exhibit Profile
A.: High-end Packing Drinking Water:
Natural mineral water、Glacier water、Natural soda water、Natural Weak Alkalinity Water、sea water、Natural mountain spring water、Snowmelt water、Natural small molecule water、Mother infant water、Tea water、Deuterium depleted water、oxygenic water、Hydrogen water、Plant water , Medical Mineral Water etc.
B: Hydrogen-rich Water
Hydrogen-rich drinking water、Hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water porcelain、hydrogen-rich water machine、Hydrogen-rich water kettle、 Hydrogen-rich stick、 Hydrogen absorption machine、Hydrogen-rich water production equipment、 Packaging materials、 Testing mechanism、 Hydrogen concentration monitor and other hydrogen series products
C: Functional Drinking Water Equipment:
 Electrolyte water machine、High-energy activated water、 Soda water machines、calcium ion generator、Oxygen water machine、Alkaline Water Machine、Nano electrolysis water making machine、Nano energy water cup、 multifunctional cup、Health-care cup、 Magnetized kettle, etc 
D:High-end water relevant service:
Packing machine、 Packing container、 Packing design、 scientific research institution、 Quality water source project investment unit and High-end mineral water customization etc supporting services.
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