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Invitation letter

2018 the 11th China(Beijing) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo

&Hydrogen-rich Drinking Water Industry Exhibition

                April 8th-10th,2018  CIEC Beijing       

Approved by: Commerce Ministry of the People’s Republic of China

Sponsors:  China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee

    Beijing Kangshui Water Quality Testing Center Co.,Ltd

 China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care

Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co.,Ltd

Co-organizer: Guizhou Province Economy & Information Commission

Beijing Drinking Water Online Information Since&Technology Development Center

Sub-healthy Committee of CPAM

NAHIEM National Hydrogen Health Industry Association

About Shibowei.High-end Water Expo

Since it was founded since 2010,Shibowei.High-end Drinking Water Expo has not only got the great support of local governments, drinking water associations, water experts,but also got the high concerns and participation of enterprises from domestic and foreign high-end brand water, distribution & agents which witnessed the glorious history of the high-end water industry from the beginning to the present development.The high-end Water Expo has formed a perfect service system of drinking water industry chain and become a guide to promote the development of high-end drinking water market through the Project Investment for High Quality Water Source、Product Display、Water Evaluation Contest、Expert Technology Exchange、Industry Development Forum and Marketing Strategy Sharing etc a series of wonderful activities.
Shibowei. High-end Water Expo has developed into a fixed place to Beijing,Touring Shanghai, the first show in Chengdu for showing trade platform of the world good water to the national people.
About 2017 Shibowei.High-end Water Expo
Under the support of China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee、Guizhou Natural Drinking Water Association、Kedong County Natural Soda Water Association、Wudalianchi Natural Water Enterprises Federation and NAHIEM National Hydrogen Health Industry Association and other related units,2017 Shibowei. High-end Drinking Water Expo was held in April in Beijing、n August in Shanghai and October in Chengdu and attracted More than 400 well-known exhibitors of high-end drinking water at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we held 2017 Healthy Drinking Water Industry Annual Meeting、2017 Good Water China、International Drinking Water Development Forum About 70% Health Relying on Good Water、Water Knowledge Sharing and marketing strategy sharing etc activities. At the same time, we invited domestic and foreign experts about water、medical professors and agents to gather together for understanding the market development trend, developing drinking water industry together, win the future of healthy drinking water.
About 2018 Shibowei. High-end Water Expo:
The 11th Shibowei. High-end Water Expo will be held on April 8th-10th at Beijing. China International Exhibition Center,on August 15-17 in Shanghai. We will aim at "spreading world water culture" and regard “Promote the development of drinking water industry’’ as the direction; we will adhering to “Production and marketing docking’’ service idea and make healthy drinking water market gradually be specialization, branding, internationalization. Here ,we are looking forward to your active participation, and let's go hand in hand to build Asia's first brand event in the drinking water industry
Business Opportunities of High Water Expo
1. Freely publish your product information on official Wechat, Microblog and cooperation media.
2.Have the opportunity to make directional invitation of customer groups for your products
3.Have the opportunity to participate in "attend 2017 “Nice water China, Tasting Water Contest’’
4.Have the opportunity to attend “Gold Award”“Recommend Brand ” “Technological Innovation”items.
5.Have the opportunity to attend “New products media release meeting and Water source attractive investment meeting” etc (Please contact organizer for details)
6.Have the opportunity to join in “China Nation Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Commission ” “China High-end Drinking Water League”.
7. Have the opportunity to consult water experts, product checking, media publicity and other service.
8. Have the opportunity to be Designated Sponsor of drinking water of 2018 The 23rd China International Health Industry Expo
9.Have the opportunity to be interviewed by CCTV4,CCTV7, Hongkong TV, Xinhua website, Food Business Website and other media.   
Activity of Shibowei . High-end Water Expo
Activity 1:“Nice Water China, Tasting Water Contest” 
In order to develop the Chinese tea culture and water culture and promote the exchange and cooperation between water and tea industry and also spread the concept of healthy drinking water, the organizer of China International High-end Drinking Water Expo together with China Nation Health Association Health Drinking Water Commission, Domestic Authoritative Tea Industry Association、Beijing Shangshui wisdom International Public Relations Consulting Co., Ltd and famous tea experts will held this contest.This competition activity takes voluntary registration with the way of blind evaluation and notarization, fairness, openness as the principle. By holding cent trials and final contest ,we will select the most suitable water- "tea making companion"--into 6 kinds of tea in the all high quality natural drinking water.
At that time, the leaders of drinking water industry and tea industry association, famous water experts and tea experts will be invited around the theme of “what water you like,what tea you like”to prove that water is the mother of tea, good water makes good tea.
Activity 2: Hydrogen and Health Industry Development Forum 
On April 17,2017,under the support of expert professor of hydrogen medicine and NAHIEM National Hydrogen Health Industry Association, The 10th International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo & The 2nd Hydrogen and Health Industry Development Forum was held at Hall 8 of CIEC. This expo invited Qin Shu Cun, Director of Institute of atherosclerosis of Taishan Medical University、Ma Xue Mei, Vice-President of College of Life Science and Bioengineering of Beijing University of Technology、Yoon-bae Kim, Professor at North University of Korea etc for drawing attention to the hydrogen health industry and promoting the development of hydrogen health industry in China.
The 11th China International High-end Drinking Water Expo will be held in Beijing.China International Exhibition Center on April 8th-10th, and we will invite domestic and foreign hydrogen medical experts, professors, water experts, and  entrepreneurs engaged in the hydrogen industry,hydrogen lovers,distributors of health products to gather together for sharing a new chapter in the development of hydrogen health industry and contributing to sustained development of hydrogen industry and our healthy life
Activities 3: Awards Activities of High Water Expo
In order to encourage enterprises to innovate in science and technology, establish  integrity brand of domestic high-end water, build products image of high-end water, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the organizer of China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo will select some brand enterprises and products with good faith management, advanced technology and good quality to issue honor awards during this expo.
There are the following awards of expo: (Exhibitors can obtain selection qualification after qualification inspecting)
◆ Gold Award of High-end Water Expo
◆Recommended Brand Award of High-end Water Expo  
◆Science and Technology Innovation Award of High-end Water 
◆Product Packaging Design Innovation Award of High-end Water  
◆Best Corporate Image Presentation Award Of 2018 High-end Water Expo
Previous Participating Brands
Foreign Brands:
HBay、PAICFIC NATURA、Dr.Silica Water、PH9 Plus、WAIWERA、Olu、kvella、TRACE BLK、ESKA、Alka One、MountFuj、Hlta Tenryosui、FIJI Water、anna、icelandspring、San Benedetto、Baikal water、Marina、FANNYBAY、fromin、BlackWater North、watervis、、SIRMA、FUJIZAKURA、ISHKA 、Longhai Bingcai、Samo Chuanqi、THEONI、LAHUENCO 、Lahuenco water、Rose 、DropsDDW、Rockyspringwater、NZBlue、Aquamotiva、Ruidemaipu、Yelu 、Qi Water、ASSU、FIUGGI 、Donat Mg etc
Domestic Brands
5100、Qomolangma Glacier、PAMIRS、kls-china、Water Cube、bmspring、Dawa Xuefeng、bamabaisuiyuan、bmhqk、bamaspring、BONEAU、Royal Spring、Xuehe natural soda water、SU DA
ER、Volcano Spring Mineral Water、5°C、NIQUA、V.L.V、lava-spring、N47°、Da Shu Yuan、SHUIYIFANG、 ORIGINAL、 Alps、MAIAQUA SPRINGS、qianshanxiushui、Sheng Shiguishui、HUGESE、Huishangu、Guizhou spring、Xishibao、Shengxi Water、XING DOU SHAN QUAN DRINK、SHOUYISHANQUAN、Fountain of Youth、Glacier、Qimaishanquan、lianshanshiquan、Hui Chi water、lushanshanquan、yunmenspring、 Qingquan natural mineral water、RUNRUQUAN、Alama、.jingyuquan、zjjxsq、Deepure、Tingzhu、huayan-waters、Tai Chi Zhi Yuan 、XUEDINGSHAN Water、Hangtian Xiaowuquan、dongtingshan 、hrsiso、deuterium depleted water、Yunduan Piaoxue、AOTEQUAN、ANGLE、WAHO、MRET、OZNER、OSPRING TECHNOLOGY、Liangziquan、Quanjiabao、Didi Huoquan、Yunnan tianwaitian、Pu'er Senquan、xilalong、Youfuquan、Muztagh Ata、runtian、haojiang、Helios etc;
Hydrogen Water Brands:
Fuji Hydrogen Water、DAEWOO、Wohele、Yuquan、 Shuisu Zhiquan、Barber Nanor、Huimei 、meiyilindi、MKBOLO、CAWOLO、 Hydro7、H2 Dance、Creation Water、HOWAY、Aqti、Lourdes  、QINGLINTIANXIA、HDDW、hydrogen Era、Hydrogen Kang、Water kung fu、ECOS、Yunsu、SUISOSUM、YIDAJI、 Coman、Olansi、TOUJIEJIANKANG、Baile、RECALTH、Ted、Qinghuan、OOHO、Gangtian Hydrogen Water etc
Exhibit Profile
A.: High-end Packing Drinking Water:
Natural mineral water、Glacier water、Natural soda water、Natural Weak Alkalinity Water、sea water、Natural mountain spring water、Snowmelt water、Natural small molecule water、Mother infant water、Tea water、Deuterium depleted water、oxygenic water、Hydrogen water、Plant water , Medical Mineral Water etc.
B: Hydrogen-rich Water
Hydrogen-rich drinking water、Hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water porcelain、hydrogen-rich water machine、Hydrogen-rich water kettle、 Hydrogen-rich stick、 Hydrogen absorption machine、Hydrogen-rich water production equipment、 Packaging materials、 Testing mechanism、 Hydrogen concentration monitor and other hydrogen series products
C: Functional Drinking Water Equipment: 
 Electrolyte water machine、High-energy activated water、 Soda water machines、calcium ion generator、Oxygen water machine、Alkaline Water Machine、Nano electrolysis water making machine、Nano energy water cup、 multifunctional cup、Health-care cup、 Magnetized kettle, etc 
D:High-end water relevant service:
Packing machine、 Packing container、 Packing design、 scientific research institution、 Quality water source project investment unit and High-end mineral water customization etc supporting services.]
Professional Visitors
◆High-end drinking Water Dealers, Agents, Franchisee, Distributors and Trading Companies
◆High-end boutique supermarkets, Import food exclusive shops, Shopping malls etc.
◆High-end Drinking Water online selling, Wechat selling, Electric business platform etc.
◆Beauty shops, Health care shops, Health management organization, private clubs etc.
◆High-end hotels, Bars, Western Restaurants, Golf clubs and other regular purchasing ways.
◆Festival gifts, Group purchasing for companies, Government ministry etc.
◆The purchasing department of embassy, Import & Export Trading Companies etc.
Cooperation Media
TV Media:Phoenix TV;Hongkong TV; CCTV7、CCTV4、BTV-Life;
Network Media: Sina Microblog, fashion network, China's consumer network, alibaba, hc360, Food & Beverage Online, Food Mate.Net, Import food network, FOODQS.COM, Hot food network, Tangjiu.Biz, China Food Agency, www.spzs.com, Chinajsq.cn, www.3490.cn, zhankoo, Mineral water trading network, China Export Network, Global Importer, www.21hcn.com, China Water OnliChina Exhibition.com etc
Print Media:
< China Healthcare & Nutrition; > < China Quality Daily; > <Health News> < Dagong Daily>
 <Beijing Evening News> <China Food Newspaper.> <AVIATIOMTODAY> 
< www.chinasqbg.com >< Professional Manager>,< SUPERMARKET WEEKLY>< Direct Drinking Water magazine>< Water Home appliances. Franchise >< China Health Water> <  China Appliance Technology >< Water Purification Era >and so on.
Address: Room 904,Cell 4,Building 1,No 69,Chaoyang Road, Beijing,China
Tel: +86-10-85785007-8018
Email:info@sbwexpo.cn    wendy@sbwexpo.cn      
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